Consider SEO At Every Stage Of Marketing, Not Just The End

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When I first started District Maven Marketing + Creative in 2008, most potential client meetings involved giving my most convincing argument as to the merits of having a website in the first place. The few businesses I encountered that were online rarely updated their site’s content, let alone had a strategic plan for deriving widespread organic reach and lead generation. Understandably so, as digital branding, websites and search engines themselves were all very new, revolutionary concepts at the time. Although search engine optimization certainly existed back a decade ago, the term (or its successful application) had yet to be defined.

There is no denying that this conversation (and the prominence of search giants like Google in everyday life) has evolved tremendously over the years. I no longer have to preach the value of a responsive website or freshly updated content — instead, these are things potential clients readily ask for. Many are now also aware of SEO or even slightly familiarized with the concept. In spite of this, most business owners (and marketers for that matter) are STILL absolutely clueless as to how, where and when to implement these techniques. All too often, amateur webmasters only add related keywords or search phrases after they’ve designed a website or crafted content.

This my friendsis a HUGE mistake. There is no bigger key to a winning digital marketing strategy than detailed, thorough SEO research. Without a sound understanding of who a brand’s target demographic is online, how they make purchase decisions and what they connect with, a campaign is doomed to fail.

Adding META descriptions and header tags to content once it’s completed may be faster, but blindly “optimizing” will definitely not be more effective. Instead, SEO must be at the core of your marketing strategy from day one — no excuses. Still not convinced? Here are three more solid reasons:

1. Content is defined through SEO Keyword Research
2.Everything you need to know is in the SERP.
3.Use Keyword Analysis To Inspire Offpage SEO

The good news is that there is no better time like the present to implement or revamp your brand’s SEO campaigns. Nail down a new roadmap or outline areas for improvement in existing strategies by scheduling a free consultation with the team at District Maven. Not only will you gain a sense of understanding as to the mythos of search engine optimization, you’ll have clear direction for applying it to your own advertising efforts as well.

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