Boost SEO Skills With New Google Video Series For Webmasters

In Tips & Tricks by District Maven

A new year is here and the time has never been better for webmasters to brush up on their digital marketing skills and techniques. Since best practices are constantly evolving, a combination of hands-on experience and guidance from experts is typically the best formula to stay on top of the latest Internet trends. One source of guidance to regularly refer to is Google itself -- since no one is really more dominant online than this search engine giant, there is simply no better place to get important advice regarding SEO best practices.

Despite being historically more opaque with the tips and tricks provided to webmasters, Google's new video series, SEO Snippets, embraces a new approach. This new stream of content more directly answers commonly asked questions on the Webmaster Central Help Forum, as well as offers wisdom on the how to best implement online marketing techniques for how search currently exists in present day -- not 2012. Currently their YouTube channel only has six videos on it, but it wouldn't be surprising if this became a hugely important public resource for webmasters and marketers alike. Subscribe to Google's SEO Snippets Channel here to stay updated with their latest videos!

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