Why Videos Are So Important To Hospitality Marketing

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Whenever I’m brainstorming new ideas for marketing my hospitality clients, I always like to remember why guests actually frequent restaurants, bars, nightclubs or event spaces. Sure, grabbing a bite to eat or a cocktail (or both), are obvious enough reasons. But what makes these people choose these specific venues over others? And what would keep a customer coming back?

The answer is simple: because of the experience

Outstanding food and drinks, along with stellar customer service are absolutely crucial to the equation. But most successful hospitality businesses I’ve seen tend to see the total customer experience as what the company wants their guests to feel while at their venue. This encompasses every detail from a macro and micro point-of-view; in addition to quality menus and staffing, location, decor and presentation all weigh heavily in a customers’ mind when deciding whether or not the experience was a positive one (and if they’ll return!)

Whenever marketing a hospitality business, my main goal is to produce content that conveys my client’s desired experience to their target demographic in a way that sticks. As marketing methods and technology as evolved, so has effective content types. Of course, images will never go out of style for hospitality marketers; there is always use for them on websites, social media, e-mail blasts or printed collateral. But hospitality businesses would be unwise to ignore the power of video marketing.

Although these techniques can require some type of budget (if you don’t personally have video experience or the time to learn), the overall experience is much easier to convey to the customer thanks to new “tone” setting elements not available through photos alone. (Sound is a powerful thing, my friend!) In addition to adding a new form of media for customers to interact with, it’s still perfectly viable for use on all of the channels one would share imagery.

For some examples of what I’m talking about, check out the videos featured below that my team recently completed for my clients, A-Town Bar & Grill and Don Tito.

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