Solopreneurs: Who They Are & Tips For Being One

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For most of the seven years I’ve been in business, answering some questions about my company has proved a bit tricky. While I breeze through my background, skills and unique values that I offer to clients, whenever asked about my “staff” or “employees” I never really know how to answer. While most small businesses are true to size, my company is really small — it’s a group of one. Thanks to a lot of confused facial expressions, it didn’t take me long to realize that being a one-woman shop was both untraditional and somewhat taboo. Even as solopreneurs have become increasingly more common, it’s clear this type of professional is still largely misunderstood.

I suppose when one considers the name, it is easy to understand why. Solopreneurs are typically viewed as introverted, uncommitted or lazy and higher risk versus a larger agency. Of course, none of these are true or fair opinions. On the contrary, the very nature of working alone requires one to be an ardent self-starter, socially engaging and completely committed to one’s work — regardless of whether one also has a full-time job or the business is their primary source of income. (I fell into the latter category for many years.) There is no one else to secure new deals or maintain current ones; this in itself requires the ability to multi-task and remain focused on the end goal. Solopreneurs also provide close, individualized attention that clients truly crave but will never really get from an enormous marketing firm.

Sure, we have the pleasure of working wherever and whenever we please, and have the privilege of calling the shots in business deals. That comes with the territory and is definitely amongst the greatest perks of this career path. But make no mistake, it certainly isn’t the easiest road and not ideal for everyone.

An article I found (read it here), had some interesting perspectives on what it takes to be a successful solopreneur, but I’m not sure I agree with all of them. Below, check out where they got it right, what’s a myth and the best tips for running a one-person powerhouse.

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