Latest Instagram Update Includes Video Tagging, Shoppable Stories & More

In Tips & Tricks by District Maven

Within the last 24 hours, Instagram has quietly rolled out another significant update to its platform that all business owners and marketing professionals would be wise to pay attention to. The social media giant is releasing impactful new features including video account tagging, shoppable stories and ability to browse items for sale within the Explore feed. I personally noticed the first of the major new additions while posting for a District Maven social media marketing client today. As I went to post their weekly promotional video, I noticed right below the caption section was a new option to "Tag People." Intrigued, I immediately clicked on it and was prompted to do exactly that. (Also, it seems that video tagging follows the same rules as image tagging -- one gets to tag up to 20 accounts.)

After a little more research, I discovered that there was much more in store for social media marketers than just the ability to tag in videos. Peeking into what accounts are tagged within a post has never been easier and now Instagram shopping through Stories or the Explore feed is a breeze.

What does the latest platform expansion tell us of future updates to Instagram? If I had to guess, I would say that they are vying to become a very real (and very profitable) online marketplace where content (specifically, video content) is shared faster and more transparently than ever before. Stay tuned to find out if my hypothesis is correct...

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