A SEO Glossary For Beginners & Small Business Owners

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When I first founded District Maven, most conversations with potential new clients (and current ones, for that matter) revolved around why one should engage in online marketing in the first place. Thankfully, the public's general understanding as grown alongside technology, ultimately leading to far more insightful, advanced conversations. However, just because more people know they need to utilize digital marketing strategies doesn't mean that they understand what any of it actually means. Even fewer people know to implement them -- and with good reason.

Although SEO (and its associated practices) isn't rocket science, it can often seem like it. In addition to being fairly complex, best practices change regularly and keeping up can be challenging. This is true for any beginning marketer or small business owner, especially those who can't afford to hire to a seasoned marketing agency to optimize for them.

To get you started, below is a list of basic terms one will definitely hear (and want to understand) when executing SEO strategies for their website, While a more complete list can be found on Search Engine Land's recent blog entry (here), the following are the most important to know from their list.

*Note: Explanations have been copied directly from Search Engine Land's article and therefore are credited with the specific language featured herein.

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