Why Creatives Should Invest in Canva Pro

In the digital age we live in, there is an abundance of platforms to take advantage of. Canva offers a free and efficient way to design branding and marketing materials that we love. We reviewed some of the programs' coolest, most usable, and effective tools, and why it may be worth your investment!

Why Creatives Should Invest in Canva Pro

In need of a quick and efficient way to create beautiful designs for your client or brand? We at District Maven are always on the go, and are constantly on the lookout for the best tools out there. We love using Canva Pro because it is the perfect tool for small teams like ours, and it offers many effective ways to create the most ideal branding materials. Canva Free is great, but the Pro option offers many features that have helped our team take our work to the next level. We took a deep dive into the program, and reviewed its coolest features that will be sure to help you elevate your work even further. 

You can create your own Brand Kit for a consistent look and feel.

At District Maven, we pride ourselves on having a great presentation, a sleek look, and a modern feel. Canva Pro allows us to create our own brand kit, for both ourselves and any client. Being able to upload our own fonts, logos, and color palettes cuts down the time we would otherwise spend on doing so another way. Having everything we need in one place saves us time, and makes clients happy.  

Canva Template for Marketing

Magic Resize: The ultimate design hack.

One of the great things about Canva Pro is the ability to create consistent designs for quite literally, any platform! All it takes is the simple click of a button called “Magic Resize.” When we are working on a campaign for a client, and want to put a specific design on several different social media platforms, this allows us to resize our images without the hassle. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below.

Schedule social media posts!

Not only is Canva Pro great for designing awesome content, but you can use it to schedule social media posts on up to 7 platforms. These include: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Slack
  • Tumblr

We love this feature because of the ability to streamline our creative process right to the world. No time is wasted, and our team of determined, go-getters loves this. The more efficient, the better. Check out the below steps:


First, click on the top left corner and select 'schedule a post.' A calendar will pop up that will allow you to choose a date and time!


After you set a date and time, you can insert your caption right in the text box. This will appear on your post.


Finally, you can schedule your post by clicking on the desired social media platform. How groovy!

Ability to get physically printed documents for your business!

Another great reason why Canva is brilliant is because of the ability to print any design, any way you'd like. From t-shirts to business cards, and tri-folds or stickers, Canva allows you to easily resize your design. Elevate your business's branding with easily printable designs in a matter of seconds! Below is a full list of all the items you can print to:

  • Business Cards
  • T-Shirts
  • Infographics, Tri-folds, and Rack Cards
  • Canvases, Posters, and Flyers
  • Mugs
  • Gift Certificates, Cards, Postcards, and Folded Cards
  • Stickers

Sharable Templates! Buildable Templates, Oh my!

Want to easily share documents and templates with your clients? Canva makes it easy for you to share and edit designs in a snap. This creates a seamless and organized client-to-business communication process.

Not only can you easily share templates and designs, but Canva offers an abundance of templates that you can build right off of. Whether it be for social media or logos– the program does it all.


Animated creations: Access to stock videos, gifs and more!

Did you know that with Canva, you have access to stock video, photos, and icons? Create successful designs with the features you need. All you need to do is search for what you're looking for, and voila! Even cooler, is that you can use your own apps, such as Dropbox, Giphy, or QR codes to your designs. Take a look at ALL THOSE GIFS!

Export anytime, anywhere.

Export your designs anytime, anywhere. Want to share your work in a presentation with Microsoft Powerpoint for a client? Check. Need to export to every social media platform possible stat? Double check. We love using Canva because you can export all of your work with the click of a button. Fast and easy, just the way we like it.

Technical stuff made easy.

Lastly, what we appreciate about Canva is how easy it is to do the technical stuff. When you're making a design, there are guides and gridlines so you can quickly generate a perfect fit! You can remove backgrounds from images, create outlines, and move around your composition – all in one workspace!

These are just a few of the amazing features Canva Pro has to offer. We at District Maven are big fans, and certainly think it is worth the investment to make your business run even smoother. Interested in learning more about our team and how our professionals can help elevate your brand? Check out our array of marketing services to learn more and contact our team for a complimentary SEO and website audit to get started.