Ways To Boost Your Instagram Presence Now

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When it comes to social media for business marketing, Instagram has established itself as one of the most (if not the most) important tools one can utilize online. Boasting 500 million daily active users, this platform offers plenty of opportunities to expand your brand's reach and connect with new customers. And the best part: these users want to connect with you, too! According to Instagram, about 80% of their users follow at least one business and 60% report first hearing about a product on their app. Furthermore, over 120 million users engage with companies on Instagram either by visiting a website, getting directions, calling, emailing or direct messaging the brand.

It isn't uncommon to hear a business owner say that they have an Instagram profile, but aren't sure why it isn't picking up momentum for the effort being put in. Like SEO, building and growing a popular (and profitable) Instagram presence takes time, thought and a careful eye on the latest marketing trends.

Here are some of the strategies to implement now to give your profile a boost:

insert account tags & hashtags in your profile

As of just a few days ago, Instagram now allows users the opportunity to add account tags and hashtags directly in their profile — complete with the long-awaited click-through power that marketers have been waiting for. This is a prime place to showcase other brands or organizations you’re involved in, expanding your overall reach with people in that area or who like similar accounts.

connect & engage with your audience

We say it all the time, but it is nonetheless true: if someone likes you personally, they will do whatever you want professionally. With that in mind, social media (and Instagram in particular) is a great way to connect with potential customers, visually demonstrating a level of trust and experience. The more a brand or company interacts with customers on these platforms not only demonstrates a commitment to providing the best service, but also affirmation of the company’s superior expertise in their industry.

consider your profile as a whole grid

All too often, business owners get so wrapped up in publishing the perfect Instagram post, they neglect to consider their profile as a whole. While it is true that most new followers will discover your account through a single post, interested users will always click on a brand’s profile next.

Without a doubt, individual posts are important — but the key to getting new followers (and keeping them) is to think about how these singular images (or videos) demonstrate your company’s level of experience and sense of trust as a whole.

not all third-party apps are created equal

Without a doubt, effective social media marketing is not only challenging, it is also really time consuming. So naturally, many marketers opt to utilize automation and analytics platforms to speed up their work flow — and that’s fine. There are absolutely some third-party apps that are huge time-savers (Planoly is one of our go-to tools!) and there is nothing wrong with using them.

Beware of automation robots, however. Sure, the thought of gaining a ton of followers or likes (without the work) sounds super enticing — but it in no way means you’ll gain new customers or derive additional revenue from Instagram marketing, either. Use with caution.

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