Small Business Owners: Go Next Level With These Transitional Tips

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From its inception until fairly recently, my marketing company could be considered one founded on the principles of solopreneurism. Meaning, one individual handles literally every aspect of the business, from sales and service to accounting and operations. For such a business model to function properly, one must to work extremely long hours and be on call around the clock. This professional choice can definitely dominate many (if not all) other aspects of the solopreneur’s life, so passion and a love of the work is an absolute must. Despite being more of a lifestyle than a standard career choice, those who follow this path are those who are typically tactful individuals who are constantly hungry for growth and long-term, residual rewards.

I know plenty of solopreneurs in the Washington DC area; each are highly skilled in their given industry, with an impeccable mind for business and a killer rolodex. In speaking with many of them recently, there also seems to be a common sentiment amongst us as well; how the hell to we take what we’ve built and make it bigger? After several years of successfully running our respective businesses alone, nailing down the steps for continual and future growth can be tricky.

In the last year, I’ve officially made the transition from one-woman show to a budding business. I added staff members to my company roster, we’re exploring office space options and sales have never been better. No one knows what the future holds, but making a professional jump is always easier with a foundation of careful planning and thought to land on.

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