SEO Techniques For YouTube: An Introduction

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When I first started District Maven, the concept of search engine optimization was very foreign and difficult for most (if not all) potential clients to understand. Flash forward a decade and there is no denying that most business owners and webmasters have made significant progress in their understanding of how digital marketing works. While the importance of SEO and social media is widely recognized, few are aware that these seemingly separate concepts are one in the same. Remember that by definition, "search engines" are simply networks that allow one to perform a search using a multi-layered algorithm to provide relevant, accurate results. Social media sites aren't separate than search engines, they are also search engines -- and therefore also require specific techniques to optimize content for top placement.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most trendy social media sites to market a business or brand, but one would be stupid to ignore the power that YouTube brings to the table. Not only has this site been directly indexed as a vertical engine in Google for years, Alexa traffic rankings report that YouTube is the second most visited site on the Internet. Sure, this hugely popular platform is social in nature, but it is largely search engine-based and requires specific optimization work to be successful. Just like content on a company website, it isn't enough to just post content if the search engines can't read or understand it.

Ready to get down to business? Below are some of our YouTube SEO tips for marketing your videos.

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