Lightroom CC: The One App All Creatives & SMBs Need

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One of the cornerstones of online marketing in 2019 is undoubtedly the presence of sharp, beautiful, and visually appealing imagery that catches the user's attention and positively represents the brand it's associated with. Regardless of whether you're a blogger, creative entrepreneur or other type of small business owner, having an updated, fresh set of photography on hand is absolutely key. Not only is this content useable on a business website, but it is shareworthy across social media outlets and industry-specific channels as well.

In the stone ages of digital marketing, the best photos were typically taken by a DSLR camera and then uploaded to a computer before being edited with a third-party software, such as Photoshop. Traditionally, this process was very technical and one that only experienced professionals typically undertook. As technology advanced however, so did the capabilities in on-the-go photography and editing. Today's mobile phones have the capabilities to take equally as stunning of photos as an expensive DSLR camera, making it easier than ever for an amateur to capture breath-taking moments with a single tap.

Similarly, photo editing has also come a long way. Adobe's newest version of Lightroom CC puts every user in the driver seat when it comes to their editing capabilities, regardless of previous knowledge of skill. This platform ultimately combines many powerful tools into one, allowing the user to import, organize, convert and edit files in just a few clicks. Given the platform's robust, updated list of features and its simplicity of use, there is no denying that Lightroom CC is the one app that all creative entrepreneurs and small business owners should download in 2019. Here are our top four reasons why we can't get enough of this app:

before editing with lightroom cc


after editing with lightroom cc


REASON ONE: lightroom cc is cheap to use

Lightroom CC is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and cost effective apps available today. Although the desktop version requires an Adobe subscription (use the free trial first), the mobile app is free to download and use allowing anyone with a phone to download and start editing right away.

reason two: it is quick and easy

One of the best things about Lightroom CC is that it is really user friendly and greatly speeds up the editing process. It only takes a few clicks to import photos into your Lightroom gallery (you can even add albums, if you wish) and then select an image for editing. Once you've finished perfecting your image, it is equally easy to export to the photo to your camera roll or send it somewhere else -- whether that be to your computer, in an email or to a social media platform, like Facebook or Instagram.

reason three: creates consistency

Once you've found a set of filters that you want to use, you Lightroom CC gives you the ability to save the settings as a "preset," which enables you to reapply the same settings to other photos in a single click. Another option is to download presets, which I personally like since photo editing isn't my main focus or forte.

Should you wish to use presets to edit your images (and there ain't no shame in that), you will likely have to purchase them -- however, the cost is still rather minimal, typically less than $15 per bundle. (A great place to find them is on Creative Market, which also supports other entrepreneurs!)

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