District Maven Marketing Co-Sponsors Box at Fall International Gold Cup

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There are few events more popular in Northern Virginia (or loved by yours truly) than Virginia Gold Cup. This biannual steeplechasing event is as historic as it is legendary and infamous. Not only has this been a time-honored tradition in Virginia since 1844, it happens to also be a fantastic opportunity to network and socialize. Notable historic names such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were amongst the first to participate in this popular tradition and its VIP list of attendees has only multiplied in the years since. (Not to mention, what’s more fun than tailgating? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.)

[For more information on the Virginia Gold Cup Association or Gold Cup races, please click here.] Despite being in the crowd for the last five spring events, this was the first time I attended and cosponsored Fall International Gold Cup — which IMO, is arguably the better of the two. We were excited to join Washington DC influencer and journalist, John Arundel, at his family’s box on the prestigious Members Hill, getting front-row seats to all of the action.


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