Beginner’s SEO Checklist For Content Marketing Campaigns

In Tips & Tricks by District Maven

Digital marketing best practices have evolved tremendously over the years, but one thing will always remain true: optimized content reigns supreme. Nearly every business owner, blogger, digital marketer and tech-savy person is well aware that the most effective campaigns are unique, relevant and share-worthy for a targeted audience or demographic. What fewer Webmasters know is that the secret sauce for a successful content marketing campaign truly lies in how it is intercepted and understood by the search engines.

I've written about best content SEO practices before, before, but here is a friendly reminder in case you missed it: "optimization" is just a fancy word that refers to the act of formatting a website or piece of content so that search engines can understand it. Although there are a few similarities, (like reading left-to-right for example) Google's indexing robots read content differently than humans do. Instead, they require a certain set of information and on-page formatting to fully comprehend the message and value behind it.

Whether you’re developing a new blog entry or static landing page, implementing the following on-page SEO checkpoints is an absolute must. (If you want anyone to see your content, that is!)

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